Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021

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One friend at a time.


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Covid 19 makes me find my blog agains after many years

I have not updated my blog for a long time. I just lost interest in many things because my country was run by idiots. It is no longer the case but these idiots still appear on my facebooks no matter how many I have them but they do not know my blog so I can say anything stupid about these idiots starting with the top and the stupidest of them all.

While people in towns or cities are stuck inside their house during social distancing, life is usual in this small village. Villagers are still going out and about their yards, cleaning, raking, burning stuff (everybody’s favorite passtime) and talking or I might say yelling to one another since they can’t talk face to face. And of course every body favorite topic is that damn bat.

Bats hang around my attic. I don’t know how they get in there. Sometimes I see them hanging down under the roof. On a very dark night, one or two invite themselves into the house and they go crazy because the light will blind them. Now they are hanging down on coconut leaves in front of my house. They just don’t know how famous their relatives are.

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I was watching the series “Braindead” when my mind went back one snowy morning in small town in the midwest of the USA. I was walking to my class all alone and I stopped by a cherry blossom tree. In the series (if you had not watched it) the ants are hiding between the cherry blossoms. I looked back and I saw (only) my footsteps on the snow still fresh. I had walked quite far from my dorm and I thought to myself, I had come from the equator to this snowy country and I missed the hot weather.

Now I am home. I battle with ants every day, every hour, every minute, every second, if you catch my drift, and I said to myself, what if these pesky ants were actually aliens?

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wild mushroom, want some?

wild mushroom

wild mushroom

El nino had caused a lot of damage to the land. It has been such a long time since I last saw wild mushrooms.

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Coconut trees

I love coconuts especially the young ones. Coconut trees grow around my yard and flying squirrels like to sleep on its trunks. I pick young coconuts by using a long pole. Once the coconut fought back and hit me in the face. I fainted and lost two teeth.


Not all coconut trees are thirty feet tall.


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The big D

Finally, after more than ten years I am awarded with the Di…ced word.  I wondered why did I got married in the first place, oh yeah, LOVE.


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I keep looking up

I started a new hobby few weeks ago after getting sad looking at cracked soil.  I watch dark clouds and my hope soar. It is going to rain but my hope gets dash in an instant. I also watch the strong wind break them away. Well, I will wait for another day, for rain and el nino finally will fly away.

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Bye 2015 hello 2016

I am not making any promise for 2016 since I have never done it for those past years, more than fifty  of them. It is going to be just like any other day. I would probably watch Anderson Cooper and that red-head what her name is. Of  course by the time we get to see Anderson, we might have already forgotten that the new year is already upon us.  My oldest son would just shrug his shoulder when I tell him it is already new year, just like before. My second son will not miss anything and my youngest would still probably in bed. He likes to take advantage of the school holidays by sleeping until afternoon. New year means new school session is around the corner and he better take advantage of fast disappearing school holidays.

My only hope for the new year is that my financial life will get better. It is a hard living without extra moolas. I hope I would be officially a single mother when new year starts. I have been waiting too long for it. To all men, have a heart. If your wife does not want to live with you anymore, don’t argue, let her go. I have been a single mother unofficially for over ten years and it ain’t easy…..

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Once upon a time

     It happened some times ago. A middle-aged man was having a middle-aged crisis. He felt his life was not complete although he had achieved some of his dreams. He had a family that he saw several times a year. He liked it that way, no hassle of nagging wife and noisy brats.

  One day he lost himself to temptation of a much younger woman. He was going to keep it a secret from the faraway spouse. He thought he could have  a mistress and a wife. The mistress knew about the wife and lo and behold the wife also knew about the mistress.

     The wife was smart tough cookie. She was so resourceful she found out about the affair even before the husband admitted it. He tried to deny it by even calling the wife had gone the deep end. Months and months the wife was telling him she knew and months and months he was denying it. It sound so stupid when he finally he admitted it that he was having an affair with someone who he could call a daughter. (Hah!)

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